At Navetas we're enjoying great success using the new features in C++11. Lambda's are probably the office favourite but range based loops, initializer lists, auto and the rest are being brought to bear to write high performance C++ that reads like Scala.

We do a lot of data processing, crunching through data structures filled with electrical measurements, and we've found that the Scala Collections API leads to beautiful, elegant code. We want the same but faster, so we have put together and released the Escalator library to bring the spirit of the Scala Collections API to C++.

It's early days yet but we're already using the Escalator library in our main product codebase to great effect. Here's an example:

You can also lift mutable collections, infinite streams and collections of non-copyables. The API isn't fixed yet but we're definitely open to pull requests!

It's been great fun, and a real learning experience, working on this with Alex Wilson. Thanks Alex!

Posted on 14 Jul 2013
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