Default media file extensions in Gnome

Just got my shiny new G1 and tried to copy music onto it with Rhythmbox. To do this you need to:

  1. Create a .is_audio_player file on the device. I followed the Banshee specs - here's mine:
  2. Copy music across!

Unfortunately this didn't quite work. A little fiddling later I realised that by default my system creates ogg files that are have the extension "oga", and my G1 doesn't recognise this as an audio file. After some 20 minutes of diving through the Rhythmbox source code, drilling down through the nest of library calls I found that the extension is supplied by the system schemas installed with the gnome-media-common package. A little more digging later I found that this extension can be tweaked using gconf-editor - success!

Posted on 25 Nov 2008
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