Getting xinerama screen size info with Python

Looking at elisa - amazing stuff, but it doesn't behave too nicely on my dual head machine. Have developed some Python to find xinerama screen sizes based on the work done by pyglet.

Next step is integrating this into elisa.

From PyGlet, under the new BSD license.

from ctypes import *
from ctypes import util
import sys

path = util.find_library('X11')
if not path:
    raise ImportError("Could not load xlib")

xlib = cdll.LoadLibrary(path)

Display = c_void_p
xlib.XOpenDisplay.argtypes = [c_char_p]
xlib.XOpenDisplay.restype = POINTER(Display)

path = util.find_library('Xinerama')
if not path:
    raise ImportError("Could not load xinerama")

xinerama = cdll.LoadLibrary(path)

class XineramaScreenInfo(Structure):
    _fields_ = [
    ('screen_number', c_int),
    ('x_org', c_short),
    ('y_org', c_short),
    ('width', c_short),
    ('height', c_short)
xinerama.XineramaQueryScreens.restype = POINTER(XineramaScreenInfo)

if len(sys.argv) > 1 and type(sys.argv[1]) in (str, unicode):
    d = xlib.XOpenDisplay(sys.argv[1])
    d = xlib.XOpenDisplay("")

if not d:
    raise Exception("Could not open display")

if not xinerama.XineramaIsActive(d):
    raise Exception("Xinerama not active")

number = c_int()
infos = xinerama.XineramaQueryScreens(d, byref(number))
infos = cast(infos, POINTER(XineramaScreenInfo * number.value)).contents

for info in infos:
    print "Screen %d - pos=%d,%d size=%d,%d" % (

Posted on 22 Jan 2008
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